Rich Pace Golf offers individual and unique golf lessons in Hull, East Yorkshire.  Whatever your level of play, we will be able to create an individual plan to help you get the most out of your game and increase your enjoyment whilst playing.

Using the latest Flightscope technology and video analysis, during your golf lesson we can help you to understand the reasons for your Slice, help you find those all important extra yards off the tee, or hole more putts on the greens.

Hitting predictable golf shots is one of the keys to playing successful and enjoyable golf.  During your golf lesson you will learn what is required to hit 
these shots, and how they can enhance your game.

Since 2010, Rich has
amassed over 10000 hours of coaching all levels of golfer at One Stop Golf in Hull: from complete beginners to elite amateurs and playing Professionals.  He strives to continually expand his knowledge and develop his coaching so your visit to him in Hull for tuition is as productive as possible. 

A lot of golfers find themselves flitting from one quick fix to another, in an attempt to find a solution for their game.  The problem is often that they are purely fixing 'effects' of problems. A visit to Hull for a golf lesson with Rich Pace Golf will help you fix the 'causes' of your problems putting you on the path to improvement and success.